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The Finisher (Dark Verse #4) by RuNyx Review - The worst book in the series so far

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Published On: August 2, 2023
The Finisher by RuNyx

The Finisher is the fourth installment in the Dark Verse series with a brand new couple.

About 'The Finisher'

Author: RuNyx

Series: Dark Verse #4

Publisher: Kindle Unlimited

Genre: Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance

Other works from the Author: Gothikana

Page Number: 314 pages

Audible Listening Time: 9 hours 39 mins

Goodreads Rating: 4.10/5

My Rating: 0/5

Zephyr is on a mission to find a man to marry so that she can gain access to her inheritance. Alpha is the leader of his own mafia organization, and he is huge in size with a scarred eye. That’s it. Those are the only traits these people possess.

From the start, Zephyr is insufferable. She engages in nonsensical actions throughout the book. She knew Alpha’s mother when she was little. With this knowledge, this woman goes to the man and kisses her out of the blue. The next day, she proposes marriage, tantalizing him with a secret she promises to reveal bit by bit if he agrees to marry her. It's all very weird.

To my utmost surprise, Alpha agrees to marry her because he is intrigued by the secret and sexually attracted to her. I mean, who does that? This is the most outlandish thing I've ever read in a dark romance. How did the book that was supposed to be a dark romance turn into a bad comedy?

Another thing that made me feel different emotions at once. Mr. Alpha has a trauma apparently. It stems from an incident where he broke a woman's hip while doing the deed. It was so weird to read. How does a reader find a man attractive to read when he is out and about causing permanent sex injuries? Who’s fantasizing over that? I was so shocked that I couldn't decide if I should feel horrified or laugh at the absurdity.

In summary, the book was complete garbage. I am giving it a rating of 0 stars for traumatizing me with this horrendous plot. I liked The Emperor, the third book in the series. But this one was horrible.

Amazon Blurb

What happens when a beast of blood finds a bride of light in the land of death?

Growing up on the streets of Los Fortis, Alessandro 'Alpha' Villanova scrapped his way to the top, fighting for his very survival, losing everything in the process. A city that shunned him then is now the one he rules, albeit alone, as the king of a dark empire few know about.

Far from Alpha's world, Zephyr de la Vega has a normal life, normal family, normal drama. Her biggest problem is people trying to make her lose a few pounds. When a chance encounter puts her on his path, she makes a proposition that changes the course of their lives.

As a killer goes on a spree in Alpha's city, taking apart his scarred empire corpse by corpse, and The Syndicate comes into play, their partnership evolves into something deeper, more enduring, more powerful than either of them anticipated.

Evil ascends. Darkness descends.

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