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Reading: The Sunlit Man by Brandon Sanderson

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Published On: October 24, 2023
The Sunlit Man by Brandon Sanderson

I’m currently 60% into the book. This book may be a standalone, but it’s definitely not for new readers of Cosmere. It would be complete gibberish for those who haven’t read every book in the Cosmere. This book is for me, specifically me and nerds like me who are ‘invested’ in this shared universe with all their being.

I’m loving it. I forced myself to put the book down because I gotta do some adulting. Otherwise, I’d have finished this book in one sitting. This is just the book I needed from Brandon Sanderson. Cosmere fans will love it.

Amazon Blurb

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson shows us a future in the Cosmere universe where a perpetual planetary wanderer must decide whether to keep running, or stay and make a difference on a struggling planet.

Years ago he had comrades in arms and a cause to believe in, but now the man who calls himself Nomad knows only a life on the run. Forced to hop from world to world in the Cosmere whenever the relentless Night Brigade gets too close, Nomad lands on a new planet and is instantly caught up in the struggle between a tyrant and the rebels who want only to escape being turned into mindless slaves—all under the constant threat of a sunrise whose heat will melt the very stones. Unable to understand the language, can he navigate the conflict and gain enough power to leap offworld before his mind or body pay the ultimate price?

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