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The Predator (Dark Verse #1) by RuNyx Spoiler Review - A spicy romance with little to no chemistry

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Published On: May 1, 2023
The Predator by RuNyx

The Predator is the first book in the Dark Verse series by Gothikana famed RuNyx.

About 'The Predator'

Author: RuNyx

Series: Dark Verse #1

Publisher: Kindle Unlimited

Genre: Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance

Other works from the Author: Gothikana

Page Number: 318 pages

Audible Listening Time: 11 hours and 46 mins

Goodreads Rating: 4.01/5

My Rating: 2/5

Tristan Caine is the only non-blooded ruthless member of the Tenebrae Outfit. His commanding presence is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many, as he holds the same level of authority and influence as any member of the mafia family. His past is shrouded in mystery and his secrets are countless, which only intensifies the fear of what could be revealed when the cunning and tech-savvy Morana Vitalio attempts to infiltrate his home in search of a hard drive containing mysterious codes.

The Predator by RuNyx

Despite their deep-seated animosity towards each other, Tristan and Morana begrudgingly agree to work together to locate the hard drive, which could trigger an all-out war between the rival mafia families. Tristan's reasons for despising Morana run deeper than just the mafia rivalry. As it turns out, Tristan's sister was also abducted alongside Morana by human traffickers, but only Morana returned. This shared trauma has created a complicated dynamic between the two, with secrets threatening to tear them apart, but an undeniable passion brewing beneath the surface

The plot was intriguing to me at the beginning but 50% into the book I lost interest. The mystery at the heart of the story failed to capture my imagination and left me feeling underwhelmed. To make matters worse, the book ended rather abruptly, leaving me with a sense of disappointment. I know it’s a series but each book should be able to stand on its own and provide a satisfying conclusion to the storyline even if there is a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger should promise ‘more to come in the future’ rather than a ‘wait for the next book if you want to know’ kind of ending. I am disappointed by the plot.

Tristian as the male lead was good. I loved his aura and the dominance he has in a room. It helps the sexual tension in the book. He is an average male lead in a mafia romance book, nothing groundbreaking. I loved his backstory. The only thing that didn’t work for me is the chemistry with Morana.

The Predator by RuNyx

Morana is an outstanding character in her own right, with her tech genius skills driving the plot forward. However, the missing hard-drive plot, which serves as a central focus of the story, is soon forgotten halfway through the book. This inconsistency in the plot was something that bothered me the most. The chemistry between her and Tristian was lacking because of the ‘insta-smut’ in the book. I hate it when the lead couple sleeps together too quickly in a romance book, as it breaks the anticipation and tension that is built up throughout the story.

To sum up, it was an average read for me. The pacing was good, and it was a short read, which made it easy to get through. But the book felt incomplete to me. In my opinion, there should be a proper ending to a book even if it’s a series. I enjoyed the smut scenes but it lacked heat because of the awful chemistry between Tristian and Morana.

Favourite Quotes

“Courage takes only a second to become foolishness," he said quietly, his dark eyes alert. "Keep that in mind.”

“No one else gets to kill you, Ms. Vitalio," he spoke quietly. "The last face you see before you die will be mine. When it comes to death, you're mine.”

“I don't want to fix him. I want fix me. And he's the only thing that seems to be working.”

“Her father was a shark and she could not bleed. Not a single drop. But in learning not to bleed, she'd also learned how to draw blood.”

Amazon Blurb

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object in the field of death?

In the dark underbelly of the mob, Tristan Caine has been an anomaly. As the only non-blooded member in the high circle of the Tenebrae Outfit, he is an enigma to all - his skills unparalleled, his morality questionable, and his motives unknown. He is lethal and he knows it.

As does Morana Vitalio, the genius extraordinaire daughter of the rival family. What Caine does with weapons, Morana does with computers. When a twenty-year old mystery resurfaces, Morana infiltrates Caine's house, intent on killing him, unaware of a tie that binds them together. Hate, heat, and history clash together with unexpected sparks.

But something bigger, something worse is happening in their world. And despite their animosity, only they can fight it down.

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