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Anticipated releases of June 2024

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Published On: June 3, 2024
Anticipated releases of June 2024

The list of anticipated books, movies, shows and music releasing in June 2024.

📖 Books

Anticipated releases of June 2024

The Little Shop of Grand Curiosities by Iris Lake

June 2, 2024

Nepheli’s Little Shop of Grand Curiosities is the last scrap of magic left in the humdrum city of Elora as the Dreadful Mundane slowly takes over its residents’ hearts, and she is determined to preserve it any way she can. But when Apollo, a charming and mysterious traveler from the other side of the world, walks into her Shop, bringing her all kinds of trouble, Nepheli, for the first time in her life, is stolen away from the familiar wonders of her Curiosity Shop and is thrust into a dangerous world of lethal creatures and heartbreaking magic.
As the two of them embark on a long journey of self-discovery, Nepheli will soon realize that the most curious things in life lie right beyond the reach of one’s comfort zone.

The Little Shop Of Grand Curiosities is a lighthearted fantasy romance about the true meaning of love, the power of empathy, and the unremitting yearning to be extraordinary as an act of rebellion against the mundaneness of the world.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood

June 11, 2024 

A forbidden, secret affair proves that all’s fair in love and science.

Rue Siebert might not have it all, but she has enough: a few friends she can always count on, the financial stability she yearned for as a kid, and a successful career as a biotech engineer at Kline, one of the most promising start-ups in the field of food science. Her world is stable, pleasant, and hard-fought. Until a hostile takeover and its offensively attractive front man threatens to bring it all crumbling down.

Eli Killgore and his business partners want Kline, period. Eli has his own reasons for pushing this deal through - and he's a man who gets what he wants. With one burning exception: Rue. The woman he can't stop thinking about. The woman who's off-limits to him.

Torn between loyalty and an undeniable attraction, Rue and Eli throw caution out the lab and the boardroom windows. Their affair is secret, no-strings-attached, and has a built-in deadline: the day one of their companies will prevail. But the heart is risky business - one that plays for keeps.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Love Unwritten #2 by Lauren Asher

June 18, 2024

Ellie Sinclair is a hopeless romantic who writes love songs.
I’m a struggling workaholic who could inspire a hundred breakup albums.
On paper, we have nothing in common except for my son.
For eight months, I avoid her until our summer trip.
Fourteen days. Two islands. And one nanny I shouldn’t be attracted to.
Spending time with Ellie is expected, but enjoying her company?
That isn’t part of our travel plans.
After my divorce, I swore to protect my heart at all costs.
Even if it means breaking hers in the process.
What’s worse than working for a grumpy single dad?
Admitting that I once had a secret crush on him in high school.
Thankfully, Rafael Lopez and I have changed since we graduated from Wisteria High.
He is a billionaire with a company to run and a child to take care of.
I’m an unemployed songwriter he hired to watch his son and teach music.
We coexist without any issues until a vacation changes everything.
Lines blur and old feelings for Rafael return with vengeance as I face a new dilemma.
Being his son’s nanny is one thing, but wishing for more?
Sounds like a heartbreak song waiting to be written.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Midnight Whispers #3 by P. Rayne

June 20, 2024

A dark contemporary billionaire romance featuring anti-hero, secret society and close proximity tropes from USA Today Bestselling duo P. Rayne.

I spend my nights slinging drinks at Black Magic Bar or taking my clothes off at the local strip club. After my father passed, my stepmother gave me no other choice.

But when I break free of the chains binding me to my family estate, I find myself with nowhere to go. Until Nero Voss, the youngest of the billionaire Voss brothers, offers me a room at Midnight Manor. Now, I’m under his watchful gaze and enjoying it more than I should.

I shouldn’t give in to temptation, he is my stepsister’s ex-fiancé after all, but the pull toward him grows stronger by the day. I fight, but I’m losing the battle.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Bright Lights and Summer Nights #3 by Kat Singleton

June 20, 2024

Summer nights can be full of surprises.

As a single, unemployed, and unapologetic twenty-five year old mess, I came to the Hamptons this summer for one reason—to focus on myself and work out my quarter-life crisis. I didn’t come here planning to sneak into a private party and meet a handsome stranger.

I definitely didn’t come here expecting for that stranger to be Preston Rhodes—billionaire and superstar quarterback for the Manhattan Mambas.

And that’s not even the crazy part.

He asked me to be his pretend girlfriend for a week while his family is in town. He needed a date for his sister’s wedding, and I’d never turn down the opportunity to be spoiled by a rich man.

The only thing is, Preston’s not very good at pretending.

Now instead of discovering myself, I’m spending the week discovering what life would be like with him. Instead of focusing on me, I’m focusing on how he looks at me, how he touches me, how he wants me.

But now that neither one of us is faking it, I only hope that we can hold on to what we have through the bright lights and summer nights.

From the author that brought you Black Ties and White Lies and Pretty Rings and Broken Things, comes an all-new stand-alone in the Black Tie Billionaires Series. Bright Lights and Summer Nights is a billionaire, fake dating, sports romance releasing June 2024. It is Emma's book and a complete stand-alone. It is the third and final book in the series.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

🎥 Movies

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Inside Out 2

June 14, 2024

Follow Riley, in her teenage years, encountering new emotions.

Anticipated releases of June 2024


June 26, 2024

After two decades as one of the most beloved and enduring musicals on the stage, Wicked makes its long-awaited journey to the big screen as a spectacular, generation-defining cinematic event this holiday season.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

A Quiet Place: Day 1

June 28, 2024

Experience the day the world went quiet.

📺 Shows

Anticipated releases of June 2024

House of The Dragon Season 2

June 16, 2024

An internal succession war within House Targaryen at the height of its power, 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

The Boys Season 4

June 13, 2024

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Bridgerton Season 3: Part 2

June 13, 2024

The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society.

🎵 Music

Anticipated releases of June 2024

Right Place Wrong Person

May 24, 2024

“Right Place, Wrong Person” is an 11-track album that captures some of the universal emotions that we all experience at some point in life, such as the feeling of being an outsider who doesn’t fit in.

The album falls within the alternative genre, boasting a rich sound coupled with frank, honest lyrics. 

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