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Reading Update: going through a reading slump

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Published On: December 13, 2023
reading slump

I’m going through a major reading slump since late November. I haven’t read much since then. There were books that I was anticipating for a long time, but they didn’t meet my expectations. I have many books in my TBR, but nothing is calling to me. I think I’ll read something spontaneous.

I’ve noticed planning doesn’t work for me. This year, I tried having a rough list of books at the beginning of the month that I wanted to read. But when it’s time to actually read them, every other book that is not on that list calls to me 🤣. It’s a weird thing.

I’ve realized that making a mental list of books I want to read is going to deter me from reading specifically those books. So, I’ll avoid doing that.

Reading slumps are not fun at all. It feels like I’m craving for a good story where I can immerse myself, but I’m not finding it 😭.

I hope this passes soon

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