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King of Wrath (Kings of Sin #1) by Ana Huang Review

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Published On: January 17, 2023
King of Wrath by Ana Huang

King of Wrath is the first book in the new series by Ana Huang after the immense success of her Twisted Series.

About King of Wrath

Author: Ana Huang

Series: King of Sin #1

Publisher: Little Brown Book Group

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Other works from the Author: Twisted Series

Page Number: 398

Goodreads Rating: 4.11/5

My Rating: 5/5

The plot of King of Wrath is nothing new. I have read many books like this with similar tropes and plots. But here is the thing with romance books. They are the same yet people love to read them. Predictability becomes the main attraction of such a book. Predictability is considered bad for any other genre except romance. I love this about romance books. King of Wrath doesn’t disappoint at all. The plot delivers what it promises with excellent sexual tension and well-written mature scenes.

There aren’t many characters in King of Wrath and it’s not really needed. King of Wrath sticks to its main characters and gives us what we want from the book aka the spice.

I loved Vivian as the female protagonist of King of Wrath. She has quiet strength and fights her own battles. She has character growth in King of Wrath which is extremely rare for a female protagonist in romance books.

Dante is the generic male protagonist of a romance book. This character archetype doesn’t get old. There is not much to say about his character except that he is hot and does what he is supposed to do.

The sexual tension in King of Wrath is through the roof. I loved every single scene that gives me a slow burn. Ana Huang writes it so well. This is the first book I am reading by her and I am loving it so much.

Overall, King of Wrath brought me out of the reading slump I had for two months. I started reading King of Wrath at a perfect time and it instantly became my comfort read.

I am not a fan of arranged marriage trope in books. Most of the time I hate it because every story feels the same. King of Wrath is also not the most original one. But the slow burn and the smut scenes are some of the best I have ever read.

I will definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys mature content in romance books. The writing is amazing. It will deliver what it has promised and more.

Favourite Quotes

“How does he look at me?” Janis smiled. “Like he never wants to look away.”

“You forget.” I pressed my fingers against her nape, forcing her to look up at me. “You’re my fiancée. Not Kai’s. Not anyone else’s. I don’t give a fuck how handsome they are or what type of accent they have. You’re mine, and no one…” I dipped my head, my lips brushing hers with each word. “Touches what’s mine.”

“Here I thought you only ate caviar and human hearts.” “Don’t be ridiculous. Caviar tastes awful with human hearts.” Vivian’s laugh evoked a strange sensation in my chest. Heartburn? Investigate later.”

“Trust me,” I said quietly. “Of all the things you do to me, putting me to sleep isn’t one of them.”

“Her body fit mine the way the ocean hugged the shore—naturally, effortlessly, perfectly.”

Amazon Blurb

She’s the wife he never wanted…and the weakness he never saw coming.

Ruthless. Meticulous. Arrogant.

Dante Russo thrives on control, both personally and professionally.

The billionaire CEO never planned to marry—

until the threat of blackmail forces him into an engagement with a woman he barely knows.

Vivian Lau, jewelry heiress and daughter of his newest enemy.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or charming she is. He'll do everything in his power to destroy the evidence and their betrothal.

There’s only one problem: now that he has her...he can't bring himself to let her go.


Elegant. Ambitious. Well-mannered.

Vivian Lau is the perfect daughter and her family’s ticket into the highest echelons of high society.

Marrying a blue-blooded Russo means opening doors that would otherwise remain closed to her new-money family.

While the rude, elusive Dante isn't her idea of a dream partner, she agrees to their arranged marriage out of duty.

Craving his touch was never part of the plan.

Neither was the worst thing she could possibly do: fall in love with her future husband.

Trigger Warning

King of Wrath is a steamy billionaire/arranged marriage romance. It contains explicit sexual content, profanity, and mild violence. Recommended for mature readers only.

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