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FACE by Jimin Anniversary

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Published On: March 23, 2024
FACE by Jimin

It's been a year since Jimin gifted us with the gem of an album, Face. The album feels like a whispered conversation, where Jimin bares his insecurities and his journey of overcoming barriers to reach liberation.

FACE by Jimin

The six tracks, all co-written by Jimin himself, paint a picture of someone grappling with the realities of fame and the unexpected challenges of the pandemic.

The album starts with "FACE-OFF," a song that explores Jimin's frustrations and doubts throughout his life. The playful melody masks the darker themes, but Jimin's voice conveys them well.

The next track is "Like Crazy" the title track that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It's a catchy song that sticks in your head. The lyrics explore the allure of fame and love, even when it takes a person to dark places. Jimin's vocals add so much to the song's appeal that you might find yourself wanting to listen to it on repeat. (Don’t do that though. Spotify doesn't count looped streams! 😝)

FACE by Jimin

"Alone" is a song where Jimin acknowledges the presence of demons in his mind. It resonates with people who battle quiet struggles every day and overcome their vulnerabilities one step at a time. Jimin uses his lower register to create a more intimate and sombre atmosphere. The song feels very personal, making it a favourite for many listeners.

Then comes "Set Me Free Pt. 2." Here, Jimin comes out with horns blazing, declaring war on his inner turmoil and seeking liberation. "Set Me Free Pt. 2" can be seen as an extension of "Interlude: Set Me Free" by Agust D from the D-2 album and "ON" by BTS from the Map of the Soul: 7 album. Jimin conveys the same message of liberation, referencing lyrics like "미치지 않기 위해 미치려는 것" (Going insane to stay sane).

Tucked away as a surprise on the physical CD version of Face is a hidden gem called "Letter (Dear. ARMY)." Unlike the other tracks that explore vulnerability and self-discovery, "Letter" takes a heartwarming turn, transforming into a direct message for ARMY.

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