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D-DAY By AGUST D Anniversary - A masterpiece that only Agust D can make

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Published On: April 21, 2024

D-Day is the debut studio album by South Korean rapper Agust D, also known as Suga from BTS and Min Yoongi. Released on April 21, 2023, it marks the culmination of a trilogy following his mixtapes Agust D (2016) and D-2 (2020)

The first track of the D-DAY album, "D-DAY," starts with blares and horns promising a bright and hopeful future. It sets the tone of the album with its tense, atmospheric soundscape and ominous synth sound that builds anticipation as the culmination of the AGUST D trilogy. It evokes the emotion of a bright future when BTS comes back from their military service and shares the stage together again.

The title track/lead single, "Haegeum," solidifies Agust D/Suga/Min Yoongi as a musical genius of this generation. The track, written, produced, and performed by the sole Agust D himself, incorporates the traditional Korean instrument Haegeum into a modern hip-hop sound. This track is very reminiscent of the popular track from Agust D's D2 album, "Daechwita," especially the music video.


The word "Haegeum" means two things: one, it's a traditional Korean musical instrument, and the other meaning is 'Freedom from what's forbidden.' This theme is reflected in the lyrics of "Haegeum," which questions the surface-level information overload and the societal need to strip every new information of necessary context, potentially leading to a dangerous society. The lyrics call for everyone to break free of prejudice based on these half-baked pieces of information.

"Huh?! (Feat. J-Hope of BTS)" is an upbeat rap responding to the status quo and celebrating individuality and non-conformity. It is a thought-provoking track with playful wordplay and a catchy hook. The track features J-Hope of BTS and absolutely delivers with its beat and lyrics.

"AMYGDALA" is an extremely personal song touching on the life of Yoongi the person, rather than Agust D/Suga the star. The amygdala is a part of the brain that processes emotion and builds memory to prepare a person on how to respond in the face of similar events. This song dives deep into Agust D's psyche. Expect vulnerability and honesty as he explores fear, desire, and the full spectrum of human emotions. The music video is triggering and touches on very sensitive subjects such as depression, self-harm, anxiety, and past trauma.


Yoongi’s personal journey is described in a soulful beat with amazing lyrics and a beautiful music video. The D-DAY world tour final day connects with the music video in a most heart-wrenching way that gave me serious post-concert depression. It's so beautiful; I can’t help but cry at the person Yoongi has become after such a hard life.

"SDL or Somebody Does Love" is a soulful romantic track that reminisces about a past love that has now changed and is not the same due to the partners falling out of love. It captures the nostalgia one feels about a past relationship but gradually changes as time passes. The soulful track with incredible wordplay is something to marvel at.

"People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)" is the pre-released single of the D-DAY album. It builds upon the themes explored in "People" from Agust D's previous mixtape, D-2. The powerful rap verse from Agust D alongside IU's soulful vocals evokes feelings of social awareness, empathy, and a call for change, addressing societal pressures, with IU's presence adding a softer touch, exploring themes of hope and resilience.

"Polar Night (극야)" is a slow, melancholic piano chord accompanied by Agust D's introspective rapping or singing. Sparse instrumentation could highlight the emotional weight of the lyrics and take a more aggressive approach with distorted guitars and a driving beat. This could reflect the anger and frustration that often accompanies feelings of isolation and despair.


Following the introspective exploration of his struggle in the previous tracks, Agust D flips the perspective outward in "Polar Night." He delves into the complexities of society and the problematic systems that often leave us feeling trapped. The song grapples with the question: can true freedom exist in a world rife with injustice, hypocrisy, and constant competition?

This aligns with Agust D's established approach to tackling sensitive subjects. Just as he openly discussed mental health in his previous mixtapes, here he confronts uncomfortable truths we often choose to ignore. From injustice and social polarization to biased decisions, sensationalized news, and the destructive power of online anonymity, "Polar Night" lays bare the societal ills that plague us.

The song's title, aptly reflecting its focus, paints a picture of a world shrouded in darkness. However, despite this seemingly hopeless portrayal, Agust D, true to form, manages to inject a glimmer of hope, suggesting that even in the darkest of nights, there's always the potential for a brighter dawn.

"Interlude: Dawn" is an instrumental sound that shifts the perspective towards a more hopeful feeling. It’s a beautiful track that transitions from a darker, heavier feeling to a lighter and more hopeful one.


"Snooze (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Woosung of the Rose)" is a masterpiece collaboration between Ryuichi Sakamoto, a legendary Japanese musician, and Woosung of the Rose, another Korean artist, sure to be an interesting blend of styles. This song is a letter to all his junior artists who feel hopeless in the dark reality of their profession and the constant fight to prevail. It’s a soothing track that consoles the weary souls of young artists that “It’s all gonna be alright.”

"Life Goes On" is the rearranged version of SUGA’s submission, which was runner-up, for BTS’ "Life Goes On." The lyrics convey the relief Yoongi feels from the love of the ARMY (BTS’ fandom name) and the hope he has that nothing will change the bond that BTS and ARMY have, not even the current hiatus due to their military service. It’s a haunting track but a hopeful one. Personally, I love this version more than BTS’ "Life Goes On." It’s especially close to my heart due to the ot7 fan chant during the song playing in D-DAY concerts.

The album is one of my favourite albums from BTS' solo albums.

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