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Cosmere Catalog #4.3: Magic System of Cosmere - Lumar, Threnody & First of the Sun

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Published On: May 29, 2024

Cosmere Catalog is a series of articles that will delve deep into the inner workings of Cosmere and all the books in this shared universe. This is part 3 of the 4th guide on the Cosmere Catalog.

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Lumar, a planet of 12 moons

Lumar is a planet surrounded by 12 moons. The moons are positioned like a 12-sided dice.

The moon excretes a substance that looks like dust onto the planet’s surface. This substance is called ‘Spores’. And the investiture it uses is called ‘Aether’.

The Aether is called Spores in its native language and explodes fatally when it comes in contact with Water.

There are 12 seas for 12 moons. 6 of them are unknown.

1.ZephyrZephyrExploded air
2.RoseiteRoseBuilds crystal structures
3.SunlightSunlightProvides light and heat
4.CrimsonCrimsonExplodes in spikes
6.MidnightMidnightcan be controlled to create sentient creatures by establishing Luhel Bond.

Threnody, the mystery of Shades

The vessel of the shard ‘Ambition’ was killed on Threnody. As a consequence of this major even the spirit of the people dying remains on the planet fractured in a form of a Shade, a Cognitive shadow with a low level of consciousness.

In addition to the shades, the Evil is also present on Threnody. This force of darkness destroyed an entire continent, sending people fleeing from the Homeland.

Simple Rules

The Simple Rules are a set of rules that a person must follow in the Forests of Hell on Threnody to avoid attracting the attention of shades. Those who break the Simple Rules are usually quickly killed by the shades

Do not kindle a flame.

Do not shed the blood of another.

Do not run during the night.

First of the Sun, a planet of magical birds

First of the Sun. Here, a vast archipelago known as The Pantheon stretches across the turquoise waters.

At its heart lies Patji, the colossal and ancient island revered as the father of the others. Its sheer size draws all Aviar, the dominant race. Here, the Aviar birds bond with humans to grant them magical abilities.

Eerie whispers emanate from the Bloodtrees, twisted monstrosities that lure unsuspecting prey to a gruesome fate, their roots nourished by the crimson tide of countless battles.

As the night ensues, a different kind of predator stalks the night – the Nightmaw. These terrifying birdlike creatures possess a chilling ability: to hunt their victims by homing in on their deepest fears and anxieties.

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