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Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS Review: a celebratory success story & a special gift to ARMY worldwide

Read Time: 40 minutes
Published On: July 12, 2023

The BTS book is finally here. This review will be especially close to my heart because I’m a die-hard ARMY.

About ‘Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS’

Author: BTS, Myeongseok Kang

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Genre: Nonfiction, History, Biography, Memoir

Page Number: 544 pages

Audible Listening Time: 11 hours and 18 mins

Goodreads Rating: 4.93/5 (evolving)

My Rating: 5/5

"Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS" is the first biography I have ever picked up in my entire life. Usually, I'm more of a fiction reader, and nonfiction isn't something I often delve into. However, it’s BTS and I’m an ARMY. there's absolutely no way I could resist reading this book. So here I am, ready to share my thoughts and review this incredible piece of literature.



First and foremost, I have to mention that nothing in this book came as a big shock to us ARMYs. We are so deeply embedded in this fandom that we practically know everything. As the world's biggest and most organized fandom, ARMY veterans and newcomers alike always share their experiences, making us feel connected in every step of our journey as ARMYs.

Nevertheless, reading this biography from the members' perspectives gives us a glimpse into what they felt during times when the world seemed against BTS. This book serves as a written account of everything that has transpired in the remarkable 10-year history of BTS. It reveals how they faced adversity and ultimately rose to the pinnacle of the world.

Let's dive into the chapters and explore the profound impact they had on me as a reader.

Chapter 01: Seoul

This chapter takes us back to the moment when these seven boys first arrived in the bustling city of Seoul from their respective hometowns. It vividly portrays their initial impressions of this new world that surrounded them. Reading it felt like delving into the origin story of the main protagonists in a captivating fictional book. The grueling hard work they put in during their teens, the birth of their first album, and their debut—all of it reads like the triumphant announcement of the arrival of the global sensation known as BANGTAN SONYEONDAN.

Chapter 02: Why We Exist

This chapter was undoubtedly the most painful to read. It describes the way BTS was treated during their early days—the constant disappointments, failures, cyberbullying, and public insults hurled at these teenage boys. It was incredibly hard to read and grasp the reality they faced. Imagining the emotional pain they endured was beyond heartbreaking.

I can't fathom how they survived in such a harsh environment. It's difficult for me to find solace in the thought that these experiences shaped them into who they are today. No person should ever have to endure what they went through during those years.

Chapter 03: Love, Hate, Army


The cyberbullying persisted, yet they continued to release new music and slowly gained more recognition. Astonishingly, "selling too many albums" became a crime, and the internet unjustly labeled them as the "villains" of the industry. The internet even attempted to sabotage their next comeback album, "Wings," through the BREAK WINGS project. But amidst all the challenges, the unyielding support of ARMY remained their only respite.

Chapter 04: Inside Out

On a lighter note, this chapter finally provides some answers to the age-old mystery known as "The Dumpling Incident." Jimin and V reveal the context behind the legendary fight that mystified ARMY for all these years.

BTS became extremely cautious around those who were not part of ARMY, as even the smallest things had the potential to escalate. They began to say no to a world that rejected them and embarked on building their own universe.

Chapter 05: A Flight That Never Lands

This chapter delves deep into the members' psyche during the most grueling period of their careers. The almost-disbandment Jin spoke about in their 2018 MAMA speech remains the most painful memory for both BTS and ARMY. No ARMY wants to entertain the thought of disbandment, and the fact that it was a real possibility still terrifies us.

Reading this chapter made me realize the strength of BTS members as they survived literal hell and stayed together for us. It's simultaneously the most chilling and beautiful chapter for me.

Chapter 06: The World of BTS

ARMY was now becoming a global force, shaking the music industry like never before. BTS was finally receiving recognition for their relentless struggles. The attacks didn't cease; in fact, they increased proportionately with their success. However, ARMY had grown to become a force capable of repelling most of the bullets aimed at them. They were truly living up to their name.

This chapter offers insight into the tremendous effort behind the memorable music produced by BTS. Learning about it made me appreciate their music even more.

Chapter 07: We Are

Just when things were going exceptionally well for them, the pandemic struck. They had to cancel a planned world tour, leaving their future uncertain, and isolation weighed heavily on their mental health. It was during this time that they unexpectedly released a song that shook the world. This surprise hit earned them their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and since then, they haven't looked back. BTS broke language barriers like never seen before, and every BTS event became a breathtaking spectacle, etching history in real time.

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Final Thoughts

"Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS" is the written history of the incredible journey undertaken by those seven boys who left an indelible impact on the world. BTS is not just a boy band; they have redefined the very essence of what it means to be a boy band and the power of fandom.

While the book may not reveal anything shocking that ARMY doesn't already know, it provides a priceless perspective from the members themselves. It delves into their thoughts and emotions during times when the world seemed determined to throw chaos their way.

This book is undoubtedly tailored for ARMY, but it is written in a manner that non-fans can also appreciate. It offers profound insights into the BTS discography and the behind-the-scenes process of creating music that resonates with people worldwide, transcending language barriers.

Some chapters are heart-wrenching for us as ARMY, while others are cause for celebration, and some even evoke a sense of fear. However, what remains undeniably true is that the book is written in a tone of celebration, acknowledging both the struggles and the triumphs against all odds.

For me, this book is a resounding five-star read. I cherished every single moment and aspect of it.

Disclaimer: As this book is an incredibly special gift to us ARMY, especially on the day of ARMY's 10th birthday, it's important to note that my review is undeniably biased. Also, I read a biography for the first time in my life. But anything for BTS! Apobango 💜
namjoon bts butter army

Kindle Highlights & Notes

Here is the most detailed thought I was having while reading the book. The notes contain every sentence that touched my heart, made me cry, resonated with my soul & made me jump in celebration.

Notes and highlights for
Beyond the Story
BTS; Kang, Myeongseok

Chapter 1. Seoul

Highlight (orange) - Page 5 · Location 101

My parents told me later that I looked like I was being dragged off somewhere

Note - Page 5 · Location 101

the kitty must have looked so lost in the new city 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 5 · Location 105

Sometimes we were paid in tickets for our performances , not money . Not that we were doing it for the money necessarily , but I wonder if we should’ve at least been paid enough to buy a meal , and a lot of times we weren’t paid even that .

Note - Page 5 · Location 107

life of a struggling artist

Highlight (orange) - Page 11 · Location 184

It was my dream to perform in places like Drug or Geek Live House , which don’t exist anymore , and maybe in a bigger place like Rollinghall later on .

Highlight (orange) - Page 12 · Location 204

SUGA , who had been writing songs since he was twelve and was already a professional musician in high school .

Note - Page 12 · Location 205

the genius, min yoongi

Highlight (orange) - Page 14 · Location 232

one of the companies wanted me to come to a hotel room

Note - Page 14 · Location 232

red flag for a company to do that! this is highly unprofessional. my blood is boiling in anger.

Highlight (orange) - Page 15 · Location 240

______Hyung’s rap was great and his English was so impressive , I said , “ This is where I’ll go ! ”

Note - Page 15 · Location 240

maknae is whipped for namjoon at first sight.

Highlight (orange) - Page 15 · Location 247

it was like getting several older brothers all at once .

Note - Page 15 · Location 248

the beginning of a new family

Highlight (orange) - Page 17 · Location 272

But K - pop dance was something he had learned in a hagwon over a period of six months . This was why he’d had no intention of auditioning

Highlight (orange) - Page 18 · Location 285

me . I was just happy to be a trainee by their side .

Note - Page 18 · Location 285

now the worldwide sensation v, who was only happy to be by their side.

Highlight (orange) - Page 21 · Location 321

It’s not easy to imagine a rapper from the Hongdae stage and a contemporary dance major who started out as a break - dancer making music in the same team .

Note - Page 21 · Location 322

the most unlikely things happen when it's fated

Highlight (orange) - Page 22 · Location 332

______ “ Look at how idols these days go into acting , we’ll let you become an actor eventually . ” That’s how they convinced me . They were very persuasive .

Note - Page 22 · Location 333

we are still waiting for actor jin btw.

Highlight (orange) - Page 24 · Location 370

I had a taste of it and thought , ‘ Nope , this isn’t it , ’ and cooked up some things that I sprinkled with hot sauce or steak sauce .

Note - Page 24 · Location 370

seokjin, the mother of BTS

Highlight (orange) - Page 26 · Location 398

Right until their debut , RM , SUGA , and j - hope’s School of Hip - Hop was holding nonstop classes . Some nights , they would come home after rehearsals ended at 11 P.M . and talk about music until 6 A.M . with no sleep . Thankfully , the students of this school were very diligent .

Note - Page 26 · Location 399

the rap line, the captains of the ship called BTS

Highlight (orange) - Page 27 · Location 404

His care was so palpable that I felt I absolutely had to listen to these songs a lot , even if I happened to dislike them .

Note - Page 27 · Location 404

jazz lover taetae! 😂

Highlight (orange) - Page 29 · Location 435

______SUGA and RM told me once that they thought we were going to become a group like 1TYM and wouldn’t have to dance at all .

Note - Page 29 · Location 435

they were scammed! 😂

Highlight (orange) - Page 30 · Location 448

______Bang Si - Hyuk asked for a little too much back then ( laughs ) . He would be watching playback of our performances on a PC and press spacebar to pause . Then he would critique every angle of our bodies and even our finger placements . He watched our dancing frame by frame . We danced the same choreography for two months .

Note - Page 30 · Location 448

jimin & yoongi said they had to synchronize eyeballs. that's how intense it was.

Highlight (orange) - Page 31 · Location 466

______Sure , group dancing is essential for idols , but our dancing was more intense than the usual .

Note - Page 31 · Location 467

no one in the whole entertainment industry worldwide can even touch the BTS choreography & execution standards.

Highlight (orange) - Page 31 · Location 468

At night there was the School of Hip - Hop convened by RM and SUGA , who became students during the day at the “ School of Dance ” alongside the others who were not used to dancing . j - hope was the teacher in this latter school .

Highlight (orange) - Page 34 · Location 506

______I did all kinds of part - time jobs in 2012 , right before our debut was set . My family needed money , so I would teach MIDI , work in a convenience store , and do deliveries , and it was on a delivery where I injured myself on a motorcycle .

Note - Page 34 · Location 507

the sheer amount of grinding this man did!

Highlight (orange) - Page 34 · Location 510

It was really hard for me , the act of living itself .

Note - Page 34 · Location 511

oh god! 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 34 · Location 513

______I had given up a perfectly good life learning dance in high school to come up to Seoul , but no one cared …

Highlight (orange) - Page 36 · Location 538

______To tell you how bad it was , you know how once you reach middle school , you learn how to use the formal register with your upperclassmen ? I didn’t even know how to do that .

Note - Page 36 · Location 539

the childhood that was never lived! 🥺

Highlight (orange) - Page 38 · Location 562

________The both of us were in agreement that the team had to go up . But the difference between us was that I was wondering if we could pursue our happiness a little first and then think about what was going to happen , while he believed we had to give our all now for the sake of later happiness .

Highlight (orange) - Page 38 · Location 570

“ It’s time for your debut . You , you’re BTS now . ”

Note - Page 38 · Location 570

d-day has come!

Highlight (orange) - Page 38 · Location 572

The more you look back on BTS’s preparation for their debut , the more surprising it is that none of them quit in the process , despite being seven boys from different hometowns and with different values , musical tastes , and time spent in training , coming together to train in less than a year for their debut as a team .

Note - Page 38 · Location 573

because fate had different plans for them!

Highlight (orange) - Page 40 · Location 598

RM and SUGA taught the members hip - hop , j - hope taught dance , and Jin used whatever ingredients available in the dorm to cook up meals for everyone . In this process , the older members began to understand the young members and the younger members learned from the older ones .

Note - Page 40 · Location 600

they were slowly becoming a family!

Highlight (orange) - Page 42 · Location 622

______The members were just good people . Very good people …

Chapter 2. Why We Exist

Highlight (orange) - Page 55 · Location 665

The highly sanitized versions of the earliest comments are : “ They’re probably not going to last long , ” and “ ‘ Bulletproof Boy Scouts ’ is a stupid name . ” But as time passed and BTS gained popularity , more supportive comments were added to the article . By the time BTS became an international sensation , the article had become an internet pilgrimage destination , with visitors posting wishes like “ Please let me get into the university I want ” in the comments section — an online phenomenon reserved for the sites of the most spectacular miracles .

Note - Page 55 · Location 670

internet pilgrimage site, that will soon spilover to the real life!

Highlight (orange) - Page 56 · Location 679

EXO quickly built up a fan following , while WINNER’s debut song “ Empty ” topped the real - time charts on every Korean music streaming platform . BTS , meanwhile , ran a blog . The very first entry was posted by RM on December 21 , 2012 , showcasing his mixtape song10 “ Vote . ” a

Note - Page 56 · Location 682

oh! how the table will turn!

Highlight (orange) - Page 57 · Location 686

There was nothing wrong with being from a small company or looking to BIGBANG as role models . But many comments on BTS’s debut article accused them of “ trying to capitalize on BIGBANG’s success . ” In the Korean idol industry , it was considered almost underhanded for idols from a smaller company to name popular groups from bigger companies as role models ; and these groups had no fans of their own to defend them until they built up popularity and established a fandom of their own .

Note - Page 57 · Location 689

until BTS defined the term 'role model'

Highlight (orange) - Page 57 · Location 693

BTS was at a massive disadvantage , and it seemed all but impossible to close the gap .

Note - Page 57 · Location 695

BTS made impossible, possible and did more!

Highlight (orange) - Page 58 · Location 702

the space barely seemed big enough for Jimin alone ,

Note - Page 58 · Location 702

shading jimin's smolness! 😆

Highlight (orange) - Page 59 · Location 723

without any airbrushing .

Note - Page 59 · Location 724

for people who say fans are only stanning because of their looks

Highlight (orange) - Page 60 · Location 738

I pick up my pen every night And close my eyes after the sun rises

Highlight (orange) - Page 62 · Location 754

RM had to compose a staggering twenty - nine versions of the rap lyrics for this particular song .

Note - Page 62 · Location 755

the fact that 'no more dreams' is not much different from 'run bts' while at the same time being unique, proves that they haven't lost the essence of what makes them different after all these years! 👏🏼

Highlight (orange) - Page 67 · Location 827

______Until now , the biggest blessing of my life is meeting these hyungs .

Highlight (orange) - Page 71 · Location 879

______We got fan letters and presents . Each and every one of us . But V was the only one who didn’t get anything .

Note - Page 71 · Location 881

taetae 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 72 · Location 889

During this session , j - hope sustained an injury that caused synovitis in his right thigh .

Highlight (orange) - Page 74 · Location 920

debut were rewarded . ______Before the performance , all we heard from the seats were , “ Who are those guys ? ” But they saw our moves and started reacting , like “ Wow ! ” It was exhilarating . And I felt like , I’m really glad I danced .

Note - Page 74 · Location 922

a revolution had begun that day!

Highlight (orange) - Page 75 · Location 931

At the time , BTS only drew about a dozen fans , who took up about one row in front of that small stage .

Note - Page 75 · Location 931

thee OG army who started the global force called ARMY today!

Highlight (orange) - Page 78 · Location 964

They were the outsiders in the green room — or , to be completely blunt , they were just seven people no one cared about .

Note - Page 78 · Location 965

must have been heart breaking to realize how disadvantaged they actually are in the vast expanse of this dark ocean! 😔

Highlight (orange) - Page 82 · Location 1008

No one spoke to them , and they could not approach anyone . All they could do was attend the award shows , step onto the stage to give brief comments and thanks , and return straight to the dormitory .

Note - Page 82 · Location 1009

the alienation they faced was brutal! 😔

Highlight (orange) - Page 82 · Location 1014

If TVXQ and BIGBANG were the icons of the Korean idol industry’s second - generation male idol groups , EXO and the upcoming YG group were almost certain to be the kings of the third generation .

Highlight (orange) - Page 85 · Location 1059

RM gives a hollow laugh . Indeed , B - Free’s diss was even more shocking than a slap in the face , because he passed judgment on BTS’s musical identity without even listening to their album . It is difficult to imagine a K - pop idol making an ad hominem statement to an artist in another genre . But the opposite continues to be a regular occurrence on the Korean entertainment scene , having started from the very first generation of idol singers . This stems from a widespread stereotype that idol music is inferior in quality and professionalism . However , some people — like B - Free — act as if they are judges at an audition , publicly passing judgment on idol groups ’ musical identities in spite of not having that authority .

Note - Page 86 · Location 1065

B-Free should rot in the deepest pits of hell!

Highlight (orange) - Page 90 · Location 1124

SUGA simply says : ________I try not to think about those times if I can help it . Because ultimately , we’re the ones who won and ended it .

Note - Page 90 · Location 1126

won & ended! 💪🏽

Highlight (orange) - Page 93 · Location 1161

______I was preparing the album while performing in Japan when my appendix ruptured , so I had to come back to Korea and get surgery and recover . But my fever went past 40 degrees Celsius and there was pus buildup in my stomach . So I had to get surgery again .

Note - Page 93 · Location 1163

this man had gone through too much 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 94 · Location 1176

______People used to say that . That BTS’s vocals were lacking . Every time I heard that , my heart broke .

Highlight (orange) - Page 98 · Location 1214

but some people just ignored us and passed right by . Or mocked us for not even being candidates for top place .

Note - Page 98 · Location 1214

the people shall not be named because we will f*cking end their careers 😡

Highlight (orange) - Page 97 · Location 1218

incident was a heavy mental blow to BTS . V

Highlight (orange) - Page 97 · Location 1219

Someone was crying , someone was getting really mad , and someone just couldn’t speak . That unspeakable disappointment and that tear - jerking emotion was too much .

Highlight (orange) - Page 104 · Location 1318

“ Whoa , look at him ! He’s literally smoking ! ”

Note - Page 105 · Location 1319

bangtan had to rise to superhuman level to achieve what they did! whoever says it's out of sheer luck can go f*ck themselves!

Highlight (orange) - Page 106 · Location 1337

______Put simply , we were “ a team that was only still alive thanks to ARMY . ” A group that was only alive because the fans were listening . A group that only released its album thanks to them .

Highlight (orange) - Page 108 · Location 1360

Bobby released the song “ YGGR # Hip Hop ” on the show , where he dissed all idol rappers with the exception of the few he personally respected . In his later song “ GUARD UP AND BOUNCE ” and the song “ Come Here ” in which he featured , he specifically dissed a number of idol rappers , including BTS . RM’s stage name at the time , Rap Monster , was directly targeted .

Highlight (orange) - Page 109 · Location 1367

RM , too , took the diss as a friendly challenge rather than an insult , and remarked that he respected Bobby .

Note - Page 109 · Location 1368

rm has to god level kind to do that!

Highlight (orange) - Page 111 · Location 1396

RM describes the team vibe exactly as it was : ______Not just me , everyone thought the same thing . If a hyung got mad , I got mad , if a dongsaeng got mad , I got mad . We were moving as one at the time , so we were just on exactly the same wavelength .

Note - Page 111 · Location 1399

moving as one! that's what makes BTS, bangtan 💪🏽

Highlight (orange) - Page 119 · Location 1502

And so , the year 2014 drew to a close , and j - hope celebrated four years in Seoul . Around this time , one of the Big Hit Entertainment staff members who had been monitoring public response to BTS made a sudden report to then Big Hit vice president Choi Yoo - jung . “ Something’s happening . Uh … they’re getting more and more fans . ”

Note - Page 119 · Location 1505

the flood gates are opening 🌊

Chapter 3. Love, Hate, Army

Highlight (orange) - Page 131 · Location 1590

The members of BTS left their hometowns , the hip - hop scene , and the ordinary student life behind them and ran headfirst into this world . However , almost three years since their debut , the thing that would prove they’d made the right decision was still beyond their grasp .

Highlight (orange) - Page 132 · Location 1614

________ ‘ If this doesn’t work out , I won’t do music anymore . ’

Note - Page 132 · Location 1615

this 🤏🏼 close to giving up on music 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 132 · Location 1618

It was also around then that SUGA began drinking .

Highlight (orange) - Page 135 · Location 1660

She’d had surgery after having me . My mom had got really sick because I was born . It made me feel somehow guilty . Ever since I was little , I would think , ‘ Was it right that I was born ? ’ I need to do everything I can for her , no matter what it is . Maybe that was why I was hungry for success . That was why I called my birth “ Moving On . ”

Note - Page 135 · Location 1663

oh god! this is too painful to read 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 137 · Location 1676

workspace . I didn’t have a separate room for my clothes , and so I set up rails in the living room and hung them there , and in between I placed a desk for me to use . And that was why later my studio name became “ Golden Closet . ”

Note - Page 137 · Location 1678

the origin of G.C.F

Highlight (orange) - Page 142 · Location 1746

________It was like , this was the beginning . Our beginning .

Note - Page 142 · Location 1746

the beginning of BTS as the global voice of youth

Highlight (orange) - Page 150 · Location 1848

‘ reaching number one on Melon means you’ve made it as a singer . ’ I looked at the chart almost every day . It wasn’t as if I was watching stock charts , but I calculated this and that and carried out analyses , too .

Note - Page 150 · Location 1850

it must have been unbelievable for them after struggling so much 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 155 · Location 1928

BTS’s fans were no longer the “ single line ” Jimin had spoken of .

Note - Page 155 · Location 1929

the change is here

Highlight (orange) - Page 160 · Location 1986

Because we’re BTS , ”

Note - Page 160 · Location 1986

the simplest truth

Highlight (orange) - Page 163 · Location 2021

______I believe they’re the reason for my existence , these people .

Highlight (orange) - Page 164 · Location 2035

The first large - scale cyberbullying attack on BTS was because they had “ sold too many records . ”

Note - Page 164 · Location 2036

the double quotes explains it all.

Highlight (orange) - Page 165 · Location 2057

BTS were viewed as the “ villains ” of the idol industry , and attacks on the group continued .

Note - Page 165 · Location 2058

against all odds, staying strong.

Highlight (orange) - Page 165 · Location 2058


Highlight (orange) - Page 167 · Location 2082

Ironically , though , it was what BTS went through from 2015 to 2017 that turned the relationship between BTS and ARMY into something very special .

Note - Page 167 · Location 2082

through thick and thieves

Highlight (orange) - Page 181 · Location 2256

______I often cried because I felt guilty that , ‘ I don’t want to become a burden to BTS . ’ I was worried that , because of me , cracks would form in the heavy and stable wall called BTS . I didn’t want to fall behind these perfect people .

Note - Page 181 · Location 2258

so, this is why he always defends jin when jin undermines himself in terms of skills. because he felt the same too 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 185 · Location 2322

‘ There’s really no one on our side . ’

Note - Page 186 · Location 2323

the realization that made them bulletproof

Highlight (orange) - Page 195 · Location 2452

it got ridiculous . Because we’d said only the things we thought we could never achieve , and then we achieved all of them . V gently shakes his head and says : ______I think it’s strange ( laughs ) .

Note - Page 195 · Location 2454

now the number of awards and records could make up a whole book like this one.

Chapter 4. Inside Out

Highlight (orange) - Page 203 · Location 2511

“ Dumpling Incident ”

Note - Page 203 · Location 2511

finally, some answers! 💃

Highlight (orange) - Page 205 · Location 2545

And I was worried that because of that , I might hear , “ Bangtan’s acting sucks . ” This was the first time a BTS member was acting on - screen and if I messed it up , people might look down on us .

Highlight (orange) - Page 206 · Location 2560

______Jimin told me , “ There’s nothing I can do for you right now , but I want you to take heart . I know that something is giving you a really hard time , and when that happens , I’d like you to talk more about it . I really want to give you strength . ” That deepened our friendship ,

Highlight (orange) - Page 206 · Location 2564

he turned out to be someone I can’t live without

Note - Page 206 · Location 2564

this is so cute, i might cry thinking about it.

Highlight (orange) - Page 214 · Location 2668

SUGA’s thoughts , RM’s words , Jimin’s actions , V’s unique style , Jin’s cheerfulness , j - hope’s optimism … Things like that all came into me one by one .

Note - Page 216 · Location 2670

maknae is the culmination of all members influence!

Highlight (orange) - Page 224 · Location 2790

This was the reason RM , for a time , loved cloudy — and especially rainy — days . ________I just felt good when it rained . I loved how I could be around people , but because my umbrella covered my face , they couldn’t see me . At the time , I think I really wanted to get the sense , ‘ I’m also part of this world . ’

Note - Page 225 · Location 2794

he just wanted to disappear i guess.

Highlight (orange) - Page 229 · Location 2856

That’s what it was like at the time . Looking at the other members made me envious . They could write melodies , and they could also write lyrics .

Note - Page 229 · Location 2858

i hate it when jin feels inadequate but i also love that he feels comfortable enough to share his most inner thoughts with us.

Highlight (orange) - Page 241 · Location 3021

Two years earlier , at their first MAMA performance , they had been exhausted , desperate , angry , and determined to counter the frigid stares of anyone who wasn’t ARMY . But there was no need for that anymore . No one could look down on them now .

Note - Page 242 · Location 3023

the fruits of their hardwork were finally getting ripe.

Highlight (orange) - Page 247 · Location 3085

In 2016 , Jimin celebrated his birthday on a music show set for a pre - recording shoot . The ARMY on - site sang him “ Happy Birthday , ” and Jimin came to treasure his birthday for the first time in his lifebb .

Highlight (orange) - Page 251 · Location 3137

______I wanted to make a song that would be long - lasting in Korea .

Note - Page 251 · Location 3138

and 'spring day' the queen of BTS discography was born!

Chapter 5. A Flight That Never Lands

Highlight (orange) - Page 264 · Location 3251

______We all wanted to say , “ Let’s quit , ” but none of us could bring ourselves to do it .

Note - Page 265 · Location 3253

this chapter will be so painful to read! I don’t want to even think of their disbandment! 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 269 · Location 3313

________To give an example , it was like this . I’d suddenly become the protagonist in a martial arts novel , and there , I meet a really strong opponent . And so I go , “ Oh well , whatever ” and strike them , but somehow , I win with a single blow . It felt like that . “ Wait , since when was I so strong ? This wasn’t what I’d intended . ” SUGA sums up his mindset back then : ________You mean we can do even more than we’re doing now … ?

Note - Page 269 · Location 3318

i’m exhausted just by reading the list of things they had to do. it’s unimaginable amount of work & public appearances. anyone would break. but they didn’t.

Highlight (orange) - Page 269 · Location 3325

“ When we go down , well … Back then , I was worried it would be faster than our rise . ”

Highlight (orange) - Page 270 · Location 3337

______Apart from those who loved and supported us , everyone else felt like an enemy . We were really worried about how much criticism we’d get if we put even a foot out of line .

Note - Page 270 · Location 3339

i’ll never understand the intense scrutiny BTS are subjected to this day.

Highlight (orange) - Page 285 · Location 3549

________The gap between the ideal and reality was the hardest . Usually , the ideal is so high , and in most cases , you suffer because reality can’t keep up with it . But we were the opposite . It was like … the ideal was beating up my reality ?

Highlight (orange) - Page 288 · Location 3599

One of the reasons why BTS could keep moving forward in any crisis , was that , in the end , victory or defeat would always be decided onstage . No matter how disadvantageous their position , and even when it felt like the whole world hated them , all they needed to do was prepare a good song and a great performance , and give it their all onstage .

Note - Page 288 · Location 3602

in a perfect world it would, but in a western dominated industry speaking english is the biggest advantage they didn’t have. even that hadn’t stopped them.

Highlight (orange) - Page 300 · Location 3746

They’re right . No one does that . But at the time , where would we have worked if not for Big Hit ? We had that kind of trust in them .

Note - Page 300 · Location 3747

no other company had the first clue about how to manage a worldwide revolution.

Highlight (orange) - Page 300 · Location 3752

______At the end of the day , BTS has seven members . I believed the team couldn’t stay together if even one of us left .

Highlight (orange) - Page 302 · Location 3780

V summarizes that time as follows : ______We were working on LOVE YOURSELF , but we couldn’t love ourselves .

Note - Page 302 · Location 3782

😭 i have no words!

Highlight (orange) - Page 303 · Location 3795

There was even talk of not making the new album .

Highlight (orange) - Page 303 · Location 3798

RM even called his parents in advance to let them know there might not be another album .

Highlight (orange) - Page 303 · Location 3800

______My position was that , if anyone left , I would step away from the entertainment business and do something else for a living . I had planned to rest for a bit and think about what I wanted to do next .

Note - Page 304 · Location 3802

they really said it’s seven or nothing! 😭

Highlight (orange) - Page 304 · Location 3813

“ FAKE LOVE ” is not , as the title would suggest , about fake , or false , love . As the opening lyrics convey , the song is about the intentions and concerns of a person hiding their pain before the one they love , trying to show them only the best of themselves .

Highlight (orange) - Page 334 · Location 4214

______When I’m asked now what makes me happy , it’s the fact of being able to have concerns like this . That’s my happiness . If I was actually unhappy now , I don’t believe I’d be able to think about what I’d call happiness . So , being able to think things like , ‘ Is this what makes me happy , ’ ‘ No , this is what makes me happy , ’ isn’t that happiness ?

Note - Page 334 · Location 4217

Wow! Such deep thoughts from jungkook! 🥹

Highlight (orange) - Page 338 · Location 4278

“ I think that the greatest artists are the ones who can take their most personal experiences and distill them into the most universal of truths . Isn’t this person art itself ? ”

Note - Page 339 · Location 4280

that’s how the journey from the artist to art was bridged.

Chapter 6. The World of BTS

Highlight (orange) - Page 347 · Location 4366

For an entire platform of this magnitude to go down because of the demand for just one album was like a pebble being thrown into the ocean displacing all of its water into space .

Note - Page 347 · Location 4368

an apt analogy! 👍🏻

Highlight (orange) - Page 348 · Location 4378

A few weeks later , two offline ARMYPEDIA afterparties40 of a sort were held in Seoul . At the time , the Korean media talked of these special events as “ BTS events without BTS . ”

Note - Page 348 · Location 4380

nothing changed after all these years. FESTA 2023's 'BTS everywhere' was born out of ARMYPEDIA

Highlight (orange) - Page 352 · Location 4424

The sight of women wearing traditional niqabs that covered their forms and faces shouting the names of the artists they liked was surely an uncommon sight in Saudi Arabia .

Highlight (orange) - Page 356 · Location 4472

While it was difficult to ascertain what made them interested in BTS in the first place , there is one clear theme that echoes through this fandom across the world . And that theme is that by being fans of BTS , they found new directions for their lives .

Highlight (orange) - Page 366 · Location 4607

There was , shall we say , a shattering . My fantasies were just shattered .

Note - Page 366 · Location 4607

the journey of going from the person who used to dream about grammy to the person who called the award 'a local thing' had begun here.

Highlight (orange) - Page 374 · Location 4718

people . There was this feeling that people were waiting for us below , thinking , ‘ When are they going to fall from there ’ …

Note - Page 374 · Location 4718

even now the whole world is counting on it. waiting for their downfall.

Highlight (orange) - Page 375 · Location 4725

there would be no true happy ending for BTS even as they conquered stadiums the world over .

Highlight (orange) - Page 378 · Location 4768

the “ Dionysus ” performances

Note - Page 378 · Location 4768

the legendary performance that set the bar sky high!

Highlight (orange) - Page 378 · Location 4769

The fact that he and RM — who had once been so unsure of their dancing at their debut — would be pulling off this performance was proof of how hard they had worked since their earliest days .

Highlight (orange) - Page 392 · Location 4960

‘ You’re not real people , stop pretending like you are , ’ ‘ But you guys make lots of money , ’ and all that . This makes me think we’re on a bridge made of glass that lies across such boundaries . And we can see how far it falls below … So it’s also scary . Because just one crack means we’re going to fall .

Note - Page 392 · Location 4962

reading this made me realize that what i always believe about fame is true. 'FAME IS POISON TO HAPPINESS'

Highlight (orange) - Page 401 · Location 5063

______When we got our choreography , I was probably the most excited out of all the members .

Note - Page 401 · Location 5064

Black Swan is the song where Jimin shines like a diamond!

Highlight (orange) - Page 404 · Location 5095

Two completely different people accepting each other’s differences and becoming friends might come across as a cliché in a movie or a drama .

Note - Page 404 · Location 5096

vmin are soulmates!

Highlight (orange) - Page 407 · Location 5144

I studied psychology

Highlight (orange) - Page 407 · Location 5146

I have two dreams , and one is to be an old , white - haired man still standing onstage and playing his guitar and singing , and the other is to become a licensed psychological therapist .

Note - Page 407 · Location 5147

i always wondered why listening to yoongi felt like therapy. i guess i now have the answer.

Chapter 7. We Are

Highlight (orange) - Page 429 · Location 5341

______Chart performance was something I couldn’t fathom at all until we were with a live audience .

Note - Page 429 · Location 5342

they always knew which one is more important, they had their priorities perfected!

Highlight (orange) - Page 429 · Location 5347

Of course , we did well on the charts during that time , but we weren’t in it for the chart performance to begin with .

Highlight (orange) - Page 435 · Location 5397

When I look back on my anxious moments , they tend to be at their worst around 5 A.M . in the morning . Which is why my least favorite color is that bluish shade right before the sun begins to rise

Highlight (orange) - Page 439 · Location 5442

Since debuting with 2 COOL 4 SKOOL and reaching MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 , BTS’s accomplishments over those seven years followed the progression of what could almost be considered a classical hero narrative . A band of seven young men whom no one paid attention to , except the few who looked down on them , fighting through various difficulties and paying back with love all the people who came to love and support them along the way . But not only did their story keep continuing

Note - Page 439 · Location 5445

i foresee a biopic in future for our boys.

Highlight (orange) - Page 441 · Location 5476

If it weren’t for the pandemic , perhaps BTS would never have sung “ Dynamite . ” The last scene of the music video for “ ON , ” the title song of MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 , is a title card with the words “ NO MORE DREAM ” where the words “ NO MORE ” slowly fade away , leaving behind “ DREAM . ” n Just as the song “ Boy With Luv ” and “ Boy In Luv ” or “ ON ” and “ N.O ” are connected , “ DREAM ” was supposed to be the answer to “ No More Dream , ” the title song of their debut album .

Highlight (orange) - Page 443 · Location 5501

No matter how much they racked up the hits on YouTube , they wouldn’t be able to appeal to an even greater audience without live performances .

Highlight (orange) - Page 448 · Location 5583

The night “ Dynamite ” was scheduled to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 , j - hope had gone to bed early without bothering to stay up to see what position it would chart . Only when he woke up the next morning did he realize the whole world was different .

Highlight (orange) - Page 450 · Location 5613

But they still had to perform , creating recorded performances for every presentation of the song as if filming a new music video every time , using different settings and staging .

Note - Page 450 · Location 5614

the quality of those performances were phenomenal. they have adapted to the change extremely well.

Highlight (orange) - Page 454 · Location 5674

but we’re so well - trained in coming back down to Earth for all that … Not that we deliberately trained for it , but anyway ( laughs ) .

Note - Page 454 · Location 5675

i love yoongi's straightforwardness 😆

Highlight (orange) - Page 457 · Location 5701

But for SUGA , this happening was a key turning point . SUGA’s shoulder injury symbolized a period in his life , a trace of those pre - debut years where he had slogged hard under the uncertainty as to whether he’d be given a chance to do the work he loves . His surgery and treatment thereafter were a goodbye to those years .

Note - Page 457 · Location 5704

yoongi began healing

Highlight (orange) - Page 463 · Location 5756

As the lyrics show , BTS knew that even if they were to come down from their height , they knew how to land and not fall .

Note - Page 463 · Location 5757

"learning to land, not fall" is the biggest lesson of them all.

Highlight (orange) - Page 488 · Location 6110

________It’s not like the Grammys are our friend , or anything … ( laughs ) . It’s just that everyone keeps going , “ Grammy , Grammy , ” but it’s amazing that we were nominated at all . And who cares if we didn’t win , anyway ? I guess you can put it on a shelf and say , “ I’m a Grammy - winning artist , ” for a few seconds ( laughs ) .

Note - Page 488 · Location 6113

applause for namjoon everyone! 👏🏼😂

Highlight (orange) - Page 495 · Location 6213

j - hope blew up the TIME magazine BTS cover55 into a poster and had everyone in the group sign it before signing it himself and having it framed and hung in his living room .
bts group

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BTS (Korean: 방탄소년단; RRBangtan Sonyeondan; lit. Bulletproof Boy Scouts), also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010. The band consists of JinSugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook, who co-write or co-produce much of their material. Originally a hip hop group, they expanded their musical style to incorporate a wide range of genres, while their lyrics have focused on subjects including mental health, the troubles of school-age youth and coming of age, loss, the journey towards self-love, individualism, and the consequences of fame and recognition. Their discography and adjacent work has also referenced literature, philosophy and psychology, and includes an alternate universe storyline.

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